"The history of accounting is as old as civilization, key to important phases of history, among the most important professions in economics and business, and fascinating. Accountants participated in the development of cities, trade, and the concepts of wealth and numbers. Accountants invented writing, participated in the development of money and banking, invented double entry bookkeeping that fueled the Italian Renaissance, saved many Industrial Revolution inventors and entrepreneurs from bankruptcy, helped develop the confidence in capital markets necessary for western capitalism, and are central to the information revolution that is transforming the global economy."
--Gary Giroux

Works In Progress

I am combining history and financial analysis in my latest effort, co-authoring a book tentatively titled:  The Dark Side of America Capitalism.  It's basically a financial history of the U.S. with a primary interest in business corruption and scandals.  The driving force is the current sub-prime loan debacle.  It turns out that all the ingredients have been brewing at least since the 1980's and the current mess has similarities to virtually all previous scandals going back to the Duer debacle of 1792.  To read the intro and summary for this books click here.


I have also co-authored a book with my wife, a draft of food history called Primordial Soup.  It is full of interesting food history and trivia, as well as puns puns and more puns, with some recipes tossed in for the pun of it.  The manuscript is being shopped around for an agent at this time.

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